Please Accept Us Into Game Design

My friend and I virtually apply for game design in this game.

2 days over winter break

Emily Chan, Boon Palipatana (Developer)

Character Design, Digital Illustration


At Cornell, there is an extremely popular course called Introduction to Game Development where students get to design and develop a fully functional game over the course of the semester. Over 150 students apply to get one of 70 seats in the class by submitting an interest form. To show our passion for game design beyond just this written form, my friend Boon and I decided to make a game to convince the professor. (It worked!)


Boon and I really want to get into the Game Design class but priority is usually given to juniors and seniors. We are sophomores.


We created a game in which we virtually hand the professor of the class our game design applications! Check out the final game below (video is sped up).


Character Design

This is a pretty simple game with 3 characters: me (left), Boon (center), and Professor Walker White (right).

I used photos and understanding of these people to create their characters. To do this, I first started by sketching out ideas for a general character style on paper. I then used Adobe Illustrator and primarily the pen tool to finalize one final character. Once I finished one character, I copied a transparent layer of the character onto another artboard and designed the next sprite with the same "body" template and different clothes and features.

Animating the Sprite

After finalizing all of the character's designs, I had to create multiple copies of each character with different leg and arm movements to make it look like they were walking when all of the copies were played one right after the other. I used this reference graphic to help me map out the movement.
I started with Boon and incrementally moved the legs and arms of the character over the course of 8 frames as shown below.

After modifying each of the 8 copies of the character, these are the individiual frames I came up with:

This was my first time doing something like this, so I had to do a lot of tweaking. To see if I was going in the right direction, I put my designs in a gif converter periodically. The frames above in a gif look like the following:

Background Design

We initially did not know what we would be using for the background but we knew we wanted to incorporate some kind of setting like Gates Hall, which is where professor's office is. Using a photo of the hall's entrance, I made a very quick (it took me about 10 minutes) backdrop in Illustrator.

We determined it was too colorful and distracting to be the backdrop for every level so we used it for the start screen. Adding in a button, text, and some characters, we think it worked out pretty well.


Overall, this was a great learning experience. Even though we did only work on it for two days, this helped us experiment and learn a lot of new skills in the process. My visual polish could definitely be improved but I know I had fun creating all of these assets and working with animation for the first time!

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