Emily Chan


I'm Emily and I'm a junior at Cornell University studying Information Science with a concentration in User Experience Design.

My journey into the world of design started in the Fall of 2017. I actually applied to Cornell as a Design and Environmental Analysis major because I thought I wanted to become an interior or industrial designer. After being introduced to UX design, I fell in love with the field and began on the path that I'm on now.

I love using design to connect people and technology in ways that allow them to have both better digital and real-world experiences. I am especially interested in using technology for social good specifically within the areas of increasing access to educational opportunities and connecting communities. If you're into that too, check out my work on CariClub, GiveGrow, or email me about my work with nonprofits with Hack4Impact.

When I'm not designing, I love cooking, running, climbing, drawing, and hiking.

Chat with me about anything by emailing me at ec592@cornell.edu or connecting with me on LinkedIn! :)